IFE Global Logistics are leading the way for the digitalisation of the freight industry

The comprehensive platform, IFE Global Logistics, is already delivering on its promise of speed, transparency and efficiency.

IFE Global Logistics recognised the critical importance of a truly integrated digital platform that would allow logistics professionals the chance to manage their consignments from quote to delivery at low cost without having to navigate the complex planning and tracking implications they normally would.

“As consumers, we are now fully invested in the belief that technology allows our needs to be fulfilled quickly and at low cost – so it’s only natural that this expectation has bled through to business operations and down the chain of logistics suppliers. However,  we are struggling as an industry to deliver an effective solution.

IFE Global Logistics has the solution

It’s the UKs first REAL TIME logistics Smart Portal , confidence in the process, consignment delivery and the data .

The main benefits of the IFE Global Logistics Smart Portal:

  • Removes complexity
  • No need for multiple contacts, updates and spreadsheets
  • Access all your information 24/7
  • Reduces cost and administration effort
  • Confidence in data and reliable financial planning

To date, the biggest challenge has been the need to ensure ALL aspects of the process are covered digitally. Thanks to years of investment are careful development, the Smart Portal is FULLY digitised and includes 31 individual functions that falls into 3 key areas:

Cargo tracking

  • All shipments
  • Updated shipments
  • Awaiting clearance documentations
  • Urgent shipments
  • Awaiting release from supplier
  • Arrived shipments
  • Pending shipments
  • Vessel tracker
  • Archive shipments
  • Document archive
  • Cargo reporting and KPIs
  • Your account
  • Shipments awaiting delivery
  • Shipment diary
  • Shipment search
  • Finance
  • Delivery scheduler


  • Freight calculation tool
  • Rate archive
  • World-wide agent directory

Purchase order management

  • All purchase orders
  • Declined purchase orders
  • Accepted purchase orders
  • Create shipment from Purchase order list
  • Proposed shipments from purchase order list
  • Shipped Purchased orders / Confirmed for shipment
  • Delivered  / Purchased orders
  • Purchase order reporting
  • Late purchase orders
  • Purchase order archive
  • Tasks to action

Download the full guide here

Can I trial the Smart Portal?

Yes, if you visit www.ifeglobal.uk/smart-portal you can apply for a FREE demo account. This will allow you full access to the Smart portal, and our team will contact you to help set it up, walk you through how it works and answer any questions you may have.

Watch the Smart Portal in action

How can I get in touch?

To learn more about how the Smart Portal can add value to your logistics projects, speak to the team on 01268 286999 or email enquiries@ifeglobal.uk