FIATA recognises the need for a new ‘digital age’ for forwarders.

Traditionally, the logistics industry has been slow to adopt new technology however, there is a growing number of tech solutions in the industry, mainly from the US which focus on helping customers digitally manage their consignments.

Many of these tend to centre  on particular aspects of the chain however IFE Global Logistics Smart Portal covers all aspects that a logistics professional need to track and report on in one single system.

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In order to stabilise the industry and grow, certain challenges and needs must be addressed: 

  • Improve communication between parties
  • Improve reliability of reporting and estimated costs
  • Confidence in ETAs
  • Documentation of activity
  • Improved transparency

Many companies are forced to rely on manual communication and handling between parties (even departments) which will often fracture leaving gaps in data and inefficiency. This, in turn will:

  • Slow down cargo movement
  • Increase costs down the chain
  • Muddy reporting and financial planning

Investment in technology will pay dividends

However, the adoption of good, reliable technology will be the key to narrowing inefficiencies and improving profitability. Some in the industry are  concerned that a single product couldn’t possibly meet all the needs  and address all the problems but at IFE Global Logistics we have spent years investing in and developing a highly sophisticated solution that FULLY digitises the core components. These include: 

  • Cargo tracking
  • All shipments
  • Updated shipments
  • Awaiting clearance documentations
  • Urgent shipments
  • Awaiting release from supplier
  • Arrived shipments
  • Pending shipments
  • Vessel tracker
  • Archive shipments
  • Document archive
  • Cargo reporting and KPIs
  • Your account
  • Shipments awaiting delivery
  • Shipment diary
  • Shipment search
  • Finance
  • Delivery scheduler
  • Pricing
  • Freight calculation tool
  • Rate archive
  • World-wide agent directory
  • Purchase order management 
  • All purchase orders
  • Declined purchase orders
  • Accepted purchase orders
  • Create shipment from Purchase order list
  • Proposed shipments from purchase order list
  • Shipped Purchased orders / Confirmed for shipment
  • Delivered  / Purchased orders
  • Purchase order reporting
  • Late purchase orders
  • Purchase order archive
  • Tasks to action
  • The IFE Global Logistics Smart Portal is a secure, stable and reliable solution that is focused on outcomes for the user. It has been designed specially to be easy to use and provides real time data and updates.  Any issues are managed and dealt with immediately, so your project is not disrupted.

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