Save time and money with the UK’s first real-time logistics portal

Our smart logistics portal takes the complexity out of managing your logistics & gives you and your partners more visibility and control over shipments than ever before.

We provide you with real-time tracking and collaboration, automatic updates and powerful reporting down to container and carton level. Our portal improves your productivity, lowers your inventory costs as well as provides you with the resilience to handle unexpected events and ensure your cargoes are delivered on time.


Delivery timeline

Intuitive graphical displays for each consignment are generated for each segment of a journey by road, rail and ocean, giving greater visibility on goods in transit.

Delivery scheduler

Once a consignment has arrived and cleared customs, the smart logistics portal immediately notifies you to arrange delivery to its final destination. 


A dashboard summarises your notifications and alerts. This allows you to take timely actions and minimises any supply chain disruptions.

Purchase order management

Our smart portal combines supply chain data and provides visibility of all purchase orders and the ability to create and manage shipments.

Powerful reporting

A comprehensive range of search and reporting options can help identify improvements, as well as benchmark the performance of logistics partners. 

Accurate forecasts – ETA

Accurate and independent forecasts of ETA are automatically sent to our smart logistics portal, which if different from the current ETA generate automatic alerts.

Real-time tracking

Our smart logistics portal delivers real-time visual tracking at carton and container level. Position data from a vessel’s AIS transponder is downloaded to our smart  portal from satellites in low-orbit. 

Real-time collaboration

The smart portal automatically notifies you when there is a shipment update or clearance documentation is required. This reduces delays in taking action and keeping everyone informed.

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The Smart Portal is FULLY digitised and includes 31 individual functions that falls into 3 key areas:

Cargo tracking

  • All shipments
  • Updated shipments
  • Awaiting clearance documentations
  • Urgent shipments
  • Awaiting release from supplier
  • Arrived shipments
  • Pending shipments
  • Vessel tracker
  • Archive shipments
  • Document archive
  • Cargo reporting and KPIs
  • Your account
  • Shipments awaiting delivery
  • Shipment diary
  • Shipment search
  • Finance
  • Delivery scheduler

Purchase Order Management

  • All purchase orders
  • Declined purchase orders
  • Accepted purchase orders
  • Create shipment from Purchase order list
  • Proposed shipments from purchase order list
  • Shipped Purchased orders / Confirmed for shipment
  • Delivered / Purchased orders
  • Purchase order reporting
  • Late purchase orders
  • Purchase order archive
  • Tasks to action


  • Freight calculation tool
  • Rate archive
  • World-wide agent directory

Diary View of Shipment Events

Delivery Scheduler

Collaborative Working

Smart Portal Dashboard

Updated Shipments

Shipments Awaiting Documents

Advanced Search

Vessel Tracking

Features Quick Overview

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Our smart logistics portal makes transparent the complex process of customs clearance, transfers between sea, road and rail, and all other physical, procedural and bureaucratic hold-ups. The smart portal ensures paperwork keeps up with the goods and the goods are delivered as swiftly as possible.

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