Customs Clearance

Trust IFE Global to manage and document your shipments carefully to ensure your customs obligations are met.

Our skilled team provides customs brokerage services, which means that we can support you in importing and exporting your goods across international borders.

To avoid customs issues and subsequent delays and fees, choose IFE to help you transport your goods with ease.
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With our extensive customs brokerage experience, we can provide supply chain solutions to our customers that provide dependable and fast worldwide coverage. We will ensure all of the complicated criteria is handled correctly, delivering your paperwork just as efficiently as your shipment, including the following:

  • All forms of Customs declarations
  • Product classification – With Customs Tariffs
  • OPR / IPR
  • Embassy / Diplomatic
  • Warehousing / Freeports
  • Private / Personal effects
  • Vehicles New / Used
  • Track and trace progress monitoring

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance refers to the government’s inspection of all goods entering a country at the border. Customs issues can result in delays, fees, and more paperwork, so be mindful of your destination country’s rules and regulations when sending goods internationally.

Customs clearance is beyond the control of courier and freight forwarding businesses. It is your role as the shipper to ensure that you follow the customs regulations of your destination country. Regardless of where your goods are being transported, all shipments are subject to security screening. To confirm that your goods are safe for transit, they will be X-rayed and their contents examined.

What are my responsibilities as a shipper?

When importing and exporting your goods across international borders, you must make sure you are not transporting any banned or restricted goods. Some countries, for example, do not allow specific foods to enter. This is especially important since Brexit to follow the destination country’s rules.

It is also essential that you have all the necessary documentation. A Packing List, also known as a Customs Invoice, lists the contents of your cargo and is required for all shipments to and from countries outside of the EU. Depending on what is being shipped, certain countries may require additional documents.

Why choose IFE Global Digital Logistics for customs clearance?

We work directly with the Customs CHIEF computer system so customers can send all documentation through a single system, reducing the time and effort required to manage paperwork correctly. By accessing HMRC’s trader import/export processing system, you can benefit from greater control over your cargo, resulting in speedier clearance.

Our dedication to complying with customs compliance standards underpins this service, ensuring that we provide our customers with a secure and safe supply chain in which goods can manoeuvre seamlessly across borders.


To avoid customs issues and subsequent delays and fees, choose IFE to help you transport your goods with ease. Contact us to find out more on +44 (0)1268 286999 or