IFE Global Digital Logistics have extensive knowledge and abilities in handling ‘Time Critical’ movements.

Our dedicated team, available around the clock, are always on hand to get freight moving in the quickest way possible.

Our ‘Time Critical’ mentality ensures that we look at your specific shipment, understand your needs, and ensure that we deliver a solution that meets those needs in a cost effective way.

Sending your shipments via Air Freight is rarely a cheap exercise, so it is critical that it is right and as per your specific needs. After all, no two shipments are the same and it is ‘critical’ that you and your customers get the service that you both deserve from your selected forwarder each and every ‘time’.

Whether your goods are urgent aircraft parts, perishable, hazardous, temperature controlled, clinical trials or life saving medicines, they all share one common denominator – they are all ‘Time Critical’. Our experienced and flexible team approach, added to our award winning ‘SMART Portal’ enable us to deliver tailored solutions that not only ensure compliance at all times, but help reduce risk and cost.

Please contact us at timecritical@ifeuk.com to discuss how we can help.

Air Freight

A fast, good value solution for urgent and time sensitive cargo

Our links with major airlines ensures a high quality and responsive service. We provide our customers with bespoke courier services that are flexible and fast.
  • Same day collections and deliveries
  • Global alliances
  • Best rates available
  • Economy services (deferment of shipments)
  • USA Services – US mainland
  • Access to the SMART logistics portal (full logistics automation service)
IFE Global Logistics

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Our smart logistics portal makes transparent the complex process of customs clearance, transfers between sea, road and rail, and all other physical, procedural and bureaucratic hold-ups. The smart portal ensures paperwork keeps up with the goods and the goods are delivered as swiftly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our Smart Portal please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team:

T: +44 (0) 1268 286999 E: sales@ifeuk.com