Our Full-service solution

We have extensive experience across all areas of logistics fulfilment and it’s possible that as part of the shipping process, you will require a number of our services.

We collaborate internally to ensure that you are able to benefit from our full offering which will guarantee greater value, transparency and a more streamlined approach.

We combine our experience in sea and air freight, road freight, customs clearance, fulfilment, supply chain management and global duty support to deliver an exceptional strategy you can rely on.

IFE Customers benefit from:

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced complexity of planning
  • Increased expertise 
  • Streamlined planning and more accurate reporting

IFE is proud to be able to offer our customers a superior level of service and support across the entire logistics platform. The best solutions are often crafted from a number of services which help us fulfil our customers exact needs, without compromise or escalated costs.

Our team can combine any of our services to deliver your optimum solution:

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Road and Rail Freight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Supply Chain support
  • Global duty management
  • Cross trade support
  • Cargo insurance
  • GOH transport
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Fulfilment services
IFE Global Logistics