Welcome to IFE Global Logistics (London) Ltd

The London Office was established in 2014 and was initially the IFE Groups ‘Air Freight Division’. Over recent years, the branch has diversified its offering to now be a truly multi modal office, covering all air freight / sea freight / road freight / courier / rail freight / 3PL / 4PL services.

Meet the Team!

Name: Chris Darbin
Position: Director
Name: Kim Darbin
Position: Commercial Director
Name: Ross Wills
Position: Head of Operations.
Name: Darren Kavanagh
Position: Head of Time Critical
Name: Franco Pozella
Position: Time Critical Co-Ordinator 
Name: Lillie Draper
Position: Time Critical Co-Ordinator 
Name: Jade Botton
Position: Import Supervisor
Name: Olivia Askew
Position: Import Co-Ordinator
Name: Ella Rivers
Position: Imports Co-Ordinator
Name: Regan Light
Position : Export Co-Ordinator
Name: Liam Brabrook
Position: Export Co-Ordinator
Name: Keira Glen
Position: Export Co-Ordinator
Name: Lucy Clarke
Position: Account Co-Ordinator
Name: Kate Digby
Position: Commercial and Marketing Team Leader
Name: Emma Wills
Position: Commercial Co-Ordinator
Name: Millie Springer
Position: Commerical Co-Ordinator
Name: Katie Butler
Title: Commercial Co-Ordinator 
Name: Boe Bryant
Position: Accounts Supervisor
Name: Michelle Voss
Position: Accounts Co-Ordinator
Name: Lucy Wakelin
Position: Export Co-Ordinator
Name: Mia Gallagher
Position: Export Operations Co-Ordinator
Name: Vicki Harris
Position: Senior Import Co-Ordinator
Name: Icey Jin
Position: Trade Lane Manager 
Name: Joe Swailes
Position: Business Development Manager
Name: Marly Figueredo
Position: Aerospace & Business Critical Solutions Manager
Name: Sophie Creech
Position: Aerospace Specialist

Tel: 01753 684 320
Address: Unit 5, Maple Grove Business Centre, Lawrence Road, Hounslow, TW4 6DR

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